Vindi Reveals Growth of Recurring Payments Market in Brazil

Vindi publica pesquisa sobre pagamentos recorrentes

Vindi, one of the 25 most desired startups in Brazil, according to the LinkedIn TOP Startups Award, released an unprecedented study to understand the behavior of recurring payments in Brazil in 2019. The survey reveals that this market grew 38.3% in the number of transactions and the most widely used payment method was credit card (82%), followed by bank slip (17.7%) and account debit, debit card, and digital wallet (0.03%). The survey includes data from 10.4 million credit card users hosted on the Vindi platform, which represents 20% of the total cards used in the country.

Regarding the average spending of Brazilians on commemorative dates, in 2019, the largest number was due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, with an average ticket of 173 BRL, followed by Christmas, with an average of 140 BRL, and Father’s Day: an average of 133 BRL. The survey also points out that the segments that most decreased bad debt were: services in the first position, education in the second, subscription club positioned in third place, and fitness in the fourth position.

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