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Visa, Ingresse, and Symbiotic Announce Innovation in Contactless Payments in Latin America

Named Ingresse Tap, this new mode begins to be available in early February 2024 through the Ingresse ticket sales platform

Photo from Ingresse's LinkedIn

Visa, Ingresse, and Symbiotic have announced an innovative form of contactless payment arriving in the Brazilian market. This technology allows consumers to make online purchases and payments by simply bringing their cards or smartphones close, in the same way they would in a store with a payment terminal.

The new feature is expected to be available on the Ingresse app, initially exclusive to Android devices, while the iOS version is under development. To enjoy this functionality, the smartphone must have a compatible version of Android and support NFC technology, which allows for data transmission by proximity.

This new payment method is an extension of technologies that turn smartphones into payment terminals for contactless payments, like Apple’s Tap to Pay, with a fundamental difference: the proximity occurs on the customer’s own device, eliminating the need for a merchant’s pre-registered phone.

Ingresse is the first company to adopt this innovative solution. Gabriel Nicola, Head of Payments, emphasizes that the company already offers various payment options, but considers contactless payment to provide more confidence to consumers.

Ingresse Tap will be available at the beginning of February on the platform’s app for Android devices, provided they support NFC. Regarding the iPhone version, according to Pantaleão, a representative from Visa, it is on the way, and there will be no limitations imposed by Apple, despite the more closed ecosystem.

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