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Confrapar is at the forefront of Tech Growth Capital in Brazil and Latin America. Managing over USD 300 million, we go beyond traditional profit-driven approaches. We are deeply committed to ESG principles (Environmental, Social, and Governance) that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance, not just financial returns.

Our investors include DFIs, fund of funds, family offices, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) from across Latin America, Europe, and the United States, who share our vision for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

With a portfolio comprising 18 invested companies, the investment manager, Confrapar operates from our headquarters in São Paulo, with additional offices strategically located in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte. We are also in the process of establishing a new office in Bogotá. Our extensive experience and a network of over 100 operating partners worldwide provide us with a holistic perspective on global markets, opening doors to transformative opportunities for our portfolio companies.

History of Confrapar


Feminine noun. Origin in the Latin language

  1. The combination of the Latin terms “com”, meaning “together”, and “frater”, meaning “brother”.
  2. A brotherhood, an association of people linked by a common interest or characteristic, which can also be an association of individuals who practice the same profession.

The management company was born from the firm conviction that technology has a transformative power capable of driving social and economic improvements in emerging markets. Founded in 2008, its origin dates back to the successful investment and sale of the company Takenet to the Japanese group Faith Inc.

Since its inception, the manager has been grounded in solid principles of Ethics and Corporate Governance. Confrapar conducts annual audits and maintains a high-level Board of Directors, ensuring transparency and responsibility in all its operations. This approach committed to ethical values reflects the essence of the word “confraria”, uniting professionals with common visions and goals in pursuit of a better future.


Confrapar’s inception was driven by our belief in the transformative power of technology. We view technology not just as an investment opportunity but as a potent catalyst for enhancing productivity and improving the lives of millions of people in developing economies. Our investments in technology aim to generate dual benefits – driving economic growth and social development in Latin America, while delivering attractive returns to our investors. Our commitment to ESG principles has been unwavering. From the outset, we have adhered to strong ethical values and rigorous corporate governance practices, annually subjecting ourselves and our managed funds to independent audits.

Mission and Vision

Our mission extends beyond financial returns. We are dedicated to maximizing value for investors while promoting sustainable practices and positive societal impacts. By leveraging our entrepreneurial experience, we aim to attract the best founders and nurture the growth of the most promising businesses. Confrapar aspires to be the leading fund manager for technology investments in Latin America, not only in terms of financial performance but also in driving positive environmental, social, and governance outcomes.


At Confrapar, we uphold the following values:

  • Transparency: We believe in transparent practices that build trust and accountability.
  • Integrity: Ethical conduct and principled actions guide our decisions.
  • Meritocracy: We promote a culture that rewards talent, hard work, and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship: We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, driving innovative solutions.
  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in all that we do, striving for continuous improvement.
  • Organizational Health: We prioritize the well-being of our organization and the communities we serve.

We firmly believe that technology, when harnessed responsibly, can drive positive change in society and create value for investors in emerging markets. Confrapar is dedicated to upholding these ESG values in every facet of our operations, contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

ESG Vision for the Future

At Confrapar, our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is more than just a mandate; it’s an embodiment of our core values that shape both our investment strategies and daily operations. ESG is inextricably woven into our ethos, mirroring our dedication to sustainable, responsible business practices.

Beyond external investments, our ESG commitment shines within our walls. Our focus on nurturing a dynamic, inclusive environment ensures every team member feels valued, empowered, and integral to our mission. This internal alignment, where we champion equitable treatment and a positive work environment, stands as a testament to our holistic approach to sustainability.

Join us on our ESG journey, where we not only envisage but actively create a blueprint for responsible investment, setting the stage for a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

This website’s sole purpose is to disclose institutional information of the Confrapar Administration and Management of Resources S/A. It should not be considered as an offer to sell shares of funds and/or investment portfolios nor any title or security and does not constitute the prospectus foreseen in CVM Instruction 409.

Investment Funds do not have the guarantee of the fund manager or any insurance mechanism, nor the Credit Guarantee Fund – FGC. The fund(s) managed or to be constituted by Confrapar are private distribution, based on the terms of CVM Normative Instruction 578, and profitability cannot be guaranteed and past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investors are advised to read the regulations carefully when applying their resources.