Ingresse introduces the first ticket advertising tool

The ticket platform Ingresse, a marketplace for online ticket experiences founded in 2013 by Gabriel Benarrós and Marcelo Bissuh, is increasingly becoming the destination for Brazilians in search of unique entertainment. Aiming to connect consumers with the platform’s top parties, the company has developed a social advertising tool that rewards frequent users.

This solution was put into practice in July for the Helvetia party’s audience. The purchase of this event, which took place in June, acts as a pre-sale mechanism for the next event by the producer, Bonjour, scheduled for September. So far, 45% of those who have purchased Bonjour tickets attended Helvetia.

All producers hosting their events on the Ingresse platform will have the opportunity to use this loyalty tool for ticket sales for related events.

The tool uses profile information and registered CPF (Brazilian Taxpayer Registry) to segment audience interest and provide discounts to users. “The information provided by the customers themselves are the elements that allow marketing to use tools aimed at customer loyalty,” highlights Gabriel Benarrós, CEO of Ingresse.

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