Confrapar Sells Muxi to Visa-Backed Conductor

Conductor, a leader in technology and services solutions for the means of payment sector in Brazil, announced on Thursday (7/30) the acquisition of Muxi, the main provider of technological solutions for capturing transactions at points of sale and e-commerce in Latin America.

The investment is part of Conductor’s initiatives to expand its product and service offering across the entire payment method chain in Brazil and also accelerate its international expansion.
With over 200 active direct customers, Conductor has consolidated itself in recent years as the main provider of payment infrastructure for issuers in the Brazilian market, processing through its open and flexible platform the transactions of more than 29 million active accounts, in addition to to provide the complete infrastructure for the creation of digital accounts by fintechs, marketplaces, retailers and companies from numerous market segments. Processing more than 1 billion transactions per year, with an estimated turnover of R $ 100 billion, the company has had an average annual revenue growth of 44% since 2012, with an estimate of reaching close to R $ 400 million in 2020. All this work is made by about 750 employees, 75% of them in the technology and product areas.

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