Confrapar is an investment fund manager in technology companies, which is a pioneer in the Brazilian market, with over R$ 400 million under management. The LPs in our funds are corporations, funds of funds, family offices and HNWI in Brazil, Europe, and the US.

Currently, it has a portfolio of 19 invested companies and offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte. Confrapar also has the experience and networking of more than 100 operating partners all over the world, allowing a broad view of the markets and opening up opportunities for portfolio companies.


Confrapar was born from the strong belief that technology is the best driver to bring improvements to society and alpha for investors in emerging markets. It was founded in 2007, after the successful investment and sale of Takenet to the Japanese group Faith Inc.

From the beginning, the company was based on solid foundations of Ethics and Corporate Governance. Confrapar was born as a corporation, is audited annually and has a high profile Board of Directors.


Maximize value for investors by leveraging our entrepreneurial experience to attract the best founders and develop the most promising businesses.


To become the main fund manager for technology investments in Latin America.


The values ​​of Confrapar that guide the Code of Ethics and Conduct and also describe our corporate culture are:

• Transparency – Always be transparent and seek to give transparency to the activities performed, always respecting the limits of confidentiality and regulation.

• Integrity – Act with integrity in all situations.

• Meritocracy – Rewarding superior results, promoting those who achieve superior results, not keeping the low-performance members in the team.

• Entrepreneurship – Proactivity, resourcefulness, autonomy, optimism, enthusiasm, teamwork.

• Excellence – Search for best practices, simplicity, doing the right thing, constant development, pursuit of superior results.

• Organizational Health – challenging and healthy environment, stimulating learning and growth, valuing people.






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