Xmobots to open new factory in Minas, Brazil

Xmobots, recognized as the leading drone manufacturer in Latin America and renowned for its innovative agricultural solutions, is currently investing in the construction of an impressive new 11,000m² factory. Strategically located in Itajubá, in the heart of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the operations are expected to start in the second half of 2021, bringing with it high expectations.

This expansion is not just a significant milestone for Xmobots, but also a clear indication of its commitment to continue innovating and leading the market. The primary goal of the new factory is to triple the company’s production capacity, a bold step that reinforces Xmobots’ position as a reference in drone technology for agriculture.

Inside the gates of the new plant, one can find the production of highly advanced and specialized drone models. A particular highlight is the Dractor 25A, a revolutionary equipment and the only Brazilian drone designed to perform multiple essential functions in the agricultural field. It not only maps and detects weeds with extreme precision but also performs autonomous spraying, boasting an impressive flight autonomy of more than 4 hours.

Agricultural drones, like those produced by Xmobots, are redefining traditional agricultural practices, providing a range of undeniable benefits. They perform crop spraying with much greater precision than conventional methods, such as tractors and agricultural planes. This precision results in a significant reduction in the costs associated with pesticide use while increasing agricultural productivity and contributing to the sector’s sustainability.

In addition, the use of these innovative drones presents a major benefit in terms of occupational safety. They drastically reduce the risks to which agricultural workers are exposed, especially those who manually spray the crops. Therefore, Xmobots is not only boosting agricultural efficiency and productivity but also contributing to creating a safer and healthier work environment.

In summary, the expansion promoted by Xmobots and the introduction of advanced technologies in the agricultural field are giant steps toward more efficient, sustainable, and safe agriculture. The company is clearly on the right track to continue its trajectory of success, innovation, and leadership in the sector of drones for agricultural solutions.

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