XMobots concludes 2019 with an impressive 40% growth

XMobots fecha 2019 com crescimento de 40%

XMobots, a Brazilian company specialized in the development and manufacture of drones for engineering, agronomy, and topography applications, closed 2019 with a 40% growth compared to 2018. Part of the increase in revenue is a result of the performance obtained last year, through the investment received, considered the largest in Latin America for the sector: 30 million BRL from the Aerotec fund, managed by Confrapar.

Headquartered in São Carlos (SP), the company is betting on an even more promising 2020, for this, it has been investing heavily in innovation and in hiring a highly qualified team: just in January this year, 32 professionals from different areas joined the team from XMobots, and 40 new vacancies are expected to be filled by the end of March. According to the company’s CEO, Giovani Amianti, “our expectation for 2020 is to grow by 60% and triple our team”.

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