Ubook’s Growth Ranks it Among Top 8 in the Audiobook Market

The audiobook market has been showing remarkable growth. Currently, this segment represents about 6% to 7% of the global book market, generating approximately USD 140 billion, according to data from The Guardian.

In Brazil, a recent survey revealed that around 13% of internet users download e-books, remaining stable compared to previous years. Additionally, approximately 22% of Brazilians allocate part of their income to consuming podcasts, 20% to audiobooks, and 18% to reading eMagazines, according to Statista. These numbers show potential for growth, though a saturation of the market is also observed.

In this constantly evolving digital landscape, the demand for audio content has been showing continuous growth, representing a promising opportunity for companies in the sector, such as Ubook, which are well-positioned to expand their operations and consolidate their market presence.

This shift has been driven by the launch of, a new feature on our platform, which uses artificial intelligence to significantly enhance user experience. The company is also in talks with strategic partners in Argentina and Greece in the B2C segment, demonstrating a commitment to expanding and strengthening its global presence. This initiative has already resulted in the addition of major clients, such as Vivo and Claro, further solidifying Ubook’s position in the market.

Furthermore, Ubook has recently stood out, ranking among the top eight best audiobook apps available, a significant recognition of its quality and relevance in the industry.

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