Rodrigo Dantas, CEO of Vindi, shares insights into the fintech world

Rodrigo Dantas, CEO da Vindi, fala sobre fintechs

Transforming commercial relationships between consumers, businesses, and sectors through the recurring economy. This is how Vindi, founded in 2013 by Rodrigo Dantas, aims to democratize access to financial services and help revolutionize the payment market in Brazil. The fintech, now serving over 5,000 customers, specializes in payment intermediation and offers a cloud-based platform for optimized management of sales, billing, and invoices.

With a focus on businesses that sell plans and subscriptions, Vindi operates on the concept of the Recurring Economy: customers pay for access to the benefits of products and services on a monthly basis. This is a new consumption model that has transformed markets, impacting major players and opening up opportunities for new segments, such as streaming platforms. “Payment methods in Brazil have always been tailored for retail or e-commerce, not for the service industry,” Dantas asserts.

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