1. Introduction
This Privacy and Use of Cookies Policy is designed to formalize the principles and main guidelines that users are subject to when browsing the Confrapar institutional website. In addition, this policy clarifies how Cookies are used and protective measures in order to prevent any data leakage.

We reiterate that, when browsing our website or signing up for the Newsletter, the user automatically agrees with the measures described below.

2. Use of Cookies
When browsing the Confrapar website (www.confrapar.com.br), any user agrees that Confrapar may store and access Cookies, IP addresses and use other methods of tracking technology to collect information and data on the use of the website.

The Confrapar website has been optimized to operate with the minimum amount of Cookies possible. Therefore, if the user prefers to disable Cookies, their experience may be minimally affected.

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small file, placed and stored on the browser or device used to access a website. Cookies allow you to extract data about the behavior of users and the activities performed on the website. Each website can send its own Cookies to browsers and devices if the browser preferences allow; but, to protect your privacy, browsers commonly allow a particular website to access only the Cookies they send, not the Cookies sent by other websites.

How Confrapar uses Cookies and what are these types of Cookies?
Confrapar’s platform has been optimized to use as few cookies as possible. Thus, it uses only two types:

Essential Cookies – These Cookies are essential for the operation of a website. They include, for example, location cookies, which allow you to track the IP and the location from which the user accessed, especially for language settings; and

Analytical/Performance Cookies – These Cookies allow you to count the number of visitors and see how they move around the site. This is important to know which pages are most accessed and, consequently, which content is more attractive. These data are aggregated and analyzed for the sole purpose of improving the functioning and the user experience, allowing improvements in the platform layout. For the analysis, Confrapar uses Google Analytics, which is a tool of third-party and reliable analytical providers.

How can I reject Cookies and/or delete existing Cookies?
The browsers themselves allow the user to change the Cookie settings as they prefer. They can configure their browsers or devices to accept all Cookies, receive notifications when a Cookie is noticed or not receive Cookies at all. By selecting the latter option, the experience can be minimally affected.

The following links contain more information about the cookie settings for each browser:

Internet Explorer;



Safari Web;


In case the user wants to delete Cookies from his computer or obtain more information, he can access the website http://www.aboutcookies.org/.

  • Detailed information about Confrapar Cookies
Category Cookie Name Purpose Read more
Essential Language settings qtrans_front_language Saves language preference for future visits.
Essential Location
Analytical Google Analytics It collects and aggregates data on how users interact with the platform, what pages they access, how much time they spend on them, and other details. Click here

3. Privacy and Data Collection

With the exception of location and navigation data (how long the user stays on the page, which pages are visited frequently, among others), Confrapar does not collect any other sensitive data about users.

The registration to receive the Newsletter is done voluntarily, requiring the effective registration of the email in the field indicated by the user. No automatic methods are used to collect email from users.

The e-mails registered in the Newsletter are stored in an internal database of Confrapar, with limited access only to employees of the Communication team, using the “need to know” concept. If you want to stop receiving our news, the user can click here. As soon as the form is answered, the email is unsubscribed and deleted from the mailing list. Thus, Confrapar guarantees not to save any e-mails or records after the subscription to the Newsletter is canceled.

Confrapar may modify the use of Cookies or data collection and, consequently, update this policy. We recommend that the user check this policy regularly.

4. Update of this Policy

Confrapar may modify the use of Cookies or data collection and, consequently, update this policy. We recommend that the user check this policy regularly.

Nós utilizamos cookies para personalizar idioma e melhorar a sua experiência. Ao continuar navegando, você concorda com a nossa Política de Privacidade.

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