Oktagon and Las Vegas Sands Corporation: Innovative Union in the Gaming Market

On Wednesday, the 15th, Confrapar assisted in the sale of the Oktagon company to the Las Vegas Sands Corporation fund (B3: XXX). During the negotiation, some adjustments were made: XXX will not be in Nevada, USA, as initially proposed, but in New York, USA.

The deal was also closed 8% above the initially negotiated price due to the higher exchange rate (BRL5.7 now, compared to BRL5.2 at the beginning of the negotiations).

About Oktagon

The mobile game development company was founded in 2008, with its main studio located in Londrina, Paraná. Its focus is on the Free-to-Play (F2P) model, meaning it does not charge for installing or playing its programs.

In an effort to become the leading startup in its niche and establish a relationship with its customers, Oktagon began its activities as a game development studio, creating various proprietary IPs aimed at casual and mid-core players (complex games that do not require a lot of time involvement).

Over the years, the company started exploring the B2B segment, catering to international demand for outsourced developers and LiveOps/Game Analytics. Due to its growth potential, the company doubled its team in 2020 and has approximately 100 partners.

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