Nutrebem: Understanding the Digital Wallet for Children


Henrique Mendes, CEO of Nutrebem, initially joined the fintech as an angel investor in 2012. Two years later, he took over the day-to-day operations and gradually began to change the initial focus of the business. Today, the company offers a digital account for students to use in school cafeterias, which contract this service.

The solution not only addresses the financial education of students, who learn to manage their expenses with the help of their parents via the digital wallet in the app, but it also links consumption in the cafeterias to nutritional aspects. Parents know not just what is being consumed—be it a cheese bread or a juice—but also the quality of what their children are ingesting. The person managing the app is responsible for topping up the virtual account using a credit card, bank slip, or directly at the cafeteria (eliminating financial costs), and can set restrictions on what is available for purchase.

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