Ingresse Drives the Revival of the Event Market in South America

The year 2023 marks a moment of great significance in the post-pandemic context, characterized by the beginning of activities without governmental restrictions and a notable reduction in consumer concerns regarding public events such as concerts and games. In light of this optimistic scenario, projections indicate that the event market in South America is on track to reach an average growth expectation of 8.6% by 2028.

Particularly in terms of revenues generated from ticket sales in the region, they are expected to achieve a significant average annual growth of 9.2%. The entertainment and sports sectors, which currently represent 34.2% and 21.5% of the event market respectively, show considerable potential for expansion. According to detailed analyses by Insight P., the entertainment sector is projected to register an impressive average annual growth of 10.8%, while the sports segment is expected to expand at a rate of 8.3% per year until 2028.

Within this promising context, Ingresse , a leading company in the ticket sales and event management market, emerges as a key player in the economic recovery. Strategically and proactively, the company is committed to strengthening its international presence and expanding its operations in Latin America. To this end, it is analyzing acquisition opportunities in other countries on the continent, with advanced negotiations already underway with three companies in the sector, aiming to further boost Ingresse’s growth.

Additionally, Ingresse seeks to consolidate strategic partnerships with football clubs that are in the process of converting to Public Limited Football Companies (SAFs), integrating this initiative as a central part of its strategy to increase its market share in the country’s major championships. These strategic alliances undoubtedly strengthen Ingresse’s presence in the sports sector and significantly expand its business opportunities.

Looking to the future, the company maintains an extremely optimistic outlook for this year, with the ambitious forecast of almost doubling its revenues compared to the previous year, thereby further consolidating its leading position in the market. Finally, it is with constant commitment and innovation that Ingresse is determined to drive the economic recovery of the event market in South America.

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