Hands Mobile launches Mobile and Big Data platform

Hands Mobile is launching Morse, a knowledge platform created with the aim of disseminating expertise and knowledge about Mobile and Big Data, targeting the marketing industry, professionals in agencies, and advertisers.

Consisting of in-house training, face-to-face and online classes, interviews, and studies distributed across various channels (WhatsApp, blog, Vimeo, and newsletter), Morse seeks to discuss and present the main trends, tools, and technological innovations that are prevalent in the market today.

“Our goal is more than just providing conceptual inspiration; we want to show how it works in practice and help professionals to apply these concepts in their day-to-day work, transferring part of the accumulated knowledge from both our professionals and partners. In this way, we assist in the development of the sector, promoting training with a focus on what really matters for mobile & big data,” states João Carvalho, CEO of Hands Mobile.

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