Flapper helps repatriate Brazilians

Flapper, a private company from Minas Gerais, is participating in the search for Brazilians abroad. The search for private jet flights and corporate planes with transcontinental reach is reaching a record level, mainly by embassies, travel agencies, brokers, and government institutions. In line with local air taxi operators, Flapper forecasts high demand for flights in general aviation in the coming months.

“There are countless missions to bring Brazilians from abroad,” says Flapper CEO Paul Malicki. “Requests vary from passengers disembarking from cruises, requests from embassies or requests from governments,” continues the executive. The company also strengthens the high demand for foreign prisoners in Latin America. “We have received a large number of requests from European citizens who are banned from flying in South America. Together with local authorities, we have built special corridors and temporary permits to allow them to reach their final destinations,” added the CEO.

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