Confrapar sells ProvaFácil to Ser Educacional Group

Ser Educacional (B3:SEER3), one of the largest educational groups in Brazil, negotiated with Confrapar the acquisition of 100% of Prova Fácil, an EdTech that provides the leading Assessment Management System in Brazil in a Saas model.

Prova Fácil had a lot of support from Confrapar in the negotiations, which were concluded on August 31st. With the pandemic, the year of 2020 was marked by most education institutions looking for digital solutions to allow for distant learning. This strong trend sparked Ser educacional interest on Prova Facil.

About the negotiations 

In an interview with Confrapar, Adriano Guimarães, founder and CEO of Prova Fácil, said “I could even call them a higher education’s startup because of their 18 years of experience, which is a short period to have built the empire that Ser Educacional is today”.

Adriano also speaked about how their common interests of transforming the brazilian education and increasing its quality by the use of technology has attracted both institutions to each other.  He also said  “this mix of concern with education,  entrepreneurship, innovation and technology was very strong”. Ser and ProvaFacil had a very good culture fit.

Prova Fácil is the leader in assessment management in Latin America and provides more than 15 million assessments per year to more than one million students. Recognized by the Global EdTech Startup Awards in 2016 as one of the top three most innovative educational startups in LatAm, ProvaFacil was also awarded as one of the top 20 in the world.

Ser Educacional Group is one of the largest private education groups in Brazil and offers undergraduate, graduate and technical degrees, as well as distance learning. It is present in all states of the country, having more than 220,000 students.

Check out the entire interview on Confrapar’s YouTube channel

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