Confrapar Management and the ESG Revolution with CDP Collaboration


Confrapar is a leader in providing Growth Capital to technology companies in Latin America. It stands out for its commitment to sustainable business practices, known as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Furthermore, it was the first company in Brazil to form a partnership with CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a significant global organization focused on environmental issues.


ESG at Confrapar: More Than Profit


At Confrapar, we believe that business success goes beyond profit. We understand the need to balance financial gains with environmental responsibility, social justice, and good management. We invest in companies that are responsible, fair, and well-managed.


ESG is part of our identity. We aim to help build a better, fairer world while providing good returns to our investors.


Partnership with Carbon Disclosure Project(CDP)


Our work with CDP demonstrates our commitment to the environment. CDP helps companies and investors understand and reduce their environmental impacts. Through this partnership, we join a global network dedicated to fighting climate change and responsibly using natural resources.


With CDP, we contribute to collecting reliable environmental data and establishing clear standards for how companies should report their environmental actions. This helps us make better, more informed investment decisions.


Why is ESG Important to Us?


ESG is essential to us for several reasons:


  1. Risks and Opportunities: Assessing ESG helps us identify risks and investment opportunities. Companies that manage these aspects well are stronger and more competitive.
  2. Value Creation: Companies with good ESG practices are generally more valuable in the long term.
  3. Positive Impact: We want our investments to benefit not just us, but everyone.
  4. Attracting Investors: More and more investors want to put their money in companies that care about ESG. We are ready to welcome them.


We know that our ESG journey is ongoing. We are always learning and improving. We will continue to seek ways to increase our positive impact.


Our partnership with CDP is just one example of our commitment to a greener and fairer future. We are constantly looking for ways to align our investments with a better world.


At Confrapar, ESG means conducting business responsibly, considering everyone and everything. We are committed to making a difference, not just for our investors, but for the planet and the communities we serve. We are excited about the future and committed to a more sustainable path.


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