Invested companies start producing respirator valves

Minas Gerais will produce components for artificial respirators, necessary equipment for the most serious patients of COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. According to the state government, they will be produced by three innovation companies in partnership with the Minas Gerais Development Company (Codemge) and, in addition to meeting the state’s demand, they will also be sent to other parts of Brazil and the world.

“Without a respirator, it is not possible to maintain patients with respiratory failure, and this equipment is lacking in the market. One of the components is the valve. Here in Minas Gerais, we have already placed three innovative companies – Astroscience, Cliever and Compass 3D – to produce these valves. The three companies receive investment from Codemge, which is a state company “, detailed the governor in a video published on Instagram.

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