Chefsclub: “I want to be the iFood of eating out”


In theory, cooking refers to the art of mixing ingredients that, in some way, complement each other to create a new dish. In the world of business, it is also possible to blend different elements to forge something new. This is the aim of the Brazilian startups ChefsClub and Grubster, which have announced a deal to merge their operations. “We will be the app for those who want to dine out,” says Guilherme Mynssen, founder of ChefsClub. “It’s perfectly feasible, as our market is much larger than iFood’s.”

ChefsClub is a subscription service that offers up to 50% discounts at restaurants during specific days and times. Grubster, on the other hand, operates on fixed monthly fees and also provides meal discounts, but allows users to reserve tables directly through the app. Both generate revenue from consumer subscriptions. At ChefsClub, the cost is BRL 129.90 every six months, while at Grubster, it’s BRL 10 per month. The new company, which will operate under the ChefsClub brand, aims to consolidate everything in one place and earn revenue from subscriber fees as well as charges to the establishments listed on the platform.

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