Chefsclub partners with TIM to offer restaurant discounts

Chefsclub anuncia parceria com a TIM

Starting now, TIM customers on any plan can easily and quickly subscribe to ChefsClub – which offers discounts at various restaurants – directly from their cell phones. The partnership allows the subscription fee to be deducted from the prepaid customer’s credits or charged to the postpaid user’s carrier bill. Additionally, there are options for weekly (R$ 4.99) and monthly (R$ 15.90) subscriptions to the gastronomy club, with the first seven days of the service being free of charge.

This way, access to ChefsClub becomes more convenient for TIM customers, as there is no longer a need for a credit card to subscribe. The options for monthly and weekly subscriptions are great for those keeping a tight budget, and they also serve as a unique offering, given that the club’s standard plans are typically semi-annual and annual.

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