‘Apoie Um Restaurante’ Aims to Reach R$ 10 Million Milestone

The ‘Apoie Um Restaurante’ campaign won the reinforcement of Nestlé and Nespresso last week. The digital platform, created by Stella Artois in partnership with ChefsClub, financially helps restaurants and bars across Brazil affected by the current crisis. Now, the expectation is that the total of establishments registered on the platform will reach 6 thousand, in addition to providing a total of 100 thousand coupons considering the first and the current phase.

The initiative started with 40,000 vouchers, sold out a week after launch. With the new coupons, the potential is to revert another R $ 6 million to the market, in addition to the R $ 4 million collected in the first phase, which reached more than 3 thousand deals in more than 300 cities in the country.

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