ALTAVE Revolutionizes National Security with Its Monitoring System

The ALTAVE HORIZONTE Advanced Video Monitoring System, tailored for deployment by the Armed Forces, has achieved recognition as a Strategic Defense Product (Produto Estratégico de Defesa – PED).

Initiated in 2013 by ALTAVE, the ALTAVE HORIZONTE system earned its prestigious Strategic Defense Product (PED) designation through Ordinance No. 3.545/GM-MD issued by the Ministry of Defense. This accolade was bestowed following CMID’s endorsement of the product’s paramount significance to National Defense.

In light of this recognition, ALTAVE has been elevated to the status of a Strategic Defense Company (Empresa Estratégica de Defesa – EED) as per Ordinance No. 3.547/GM-MD from the Ministry of Defense.

Such a certification not only underscores its pivotal role in National Defense but also cements its integration within the Brazilian Armed Forces.

Historically, the Brazilian Army has employed ALTAVE HORIZONTE in pivotal missions such as the Pacification of Maré and border surveillance. Distinguishing itself on the global stage, it remains Brazil’s sole Aerostat Air Monitoring System to be exported, a testament to the system’s unmatched capabilities in the defense realm.

This accomplishment places ALTAVE among a select group of under 100 companies awarded the EED certification, with ALTAVE HORIZONTE standing out among approximately 500 other acclaimed products.


ALTAVE HORIZONTE is an innovative monitoring solution crafted specifically for surveillance of critical regions, finding its application on national borders and during Law and Order Guarantee Operations (Operações na Garantia da Lei e da Ordem – GLO).

At the heart of the system lies a versatile tower: a tethered balloon adaptable for ground anchoring or vehicular installation. This is paired with a state-of-the-art militarized camera equipped with a gyro stabilizer and an array of advanced features, including a thermal sensor, georeferenced imaging, auto-tracking, and a laser range finder.

Its applications are diverse, spanning from assisting in artillery target identification, supporting infantry and cavalry movements, to urban police reconnaissance and specialized counter-terrorism operations.

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