UCB’s Innovative Breakthrough in Energy Storage

imagem retirada do site da ucb, explicando um pouco sobre as crenças da empresa


UCB has a rich history spanning five decades. During this time, it has undergone various transformations, always striving for excellence in its actions and initiatives. The company has maintained its commitment to transforming lives and has made a positive impact, standing out both nationally and internationally.

The market is constantly evolving, and UCB recognized the need to adapt to new trends and demands. Therefore, it decided to undergo another significant change in its trajectory. Now it is called UCB S.A. This new identity aims to simplify communication with the public and values the company’s specialized brands.

Recently, UCB S.A. entered the electric mobility battery market. This was a bold and innovative move. U-MOVE, a brand of the Unicoba® group, is dedicated to electric mobility. It brings cutting-edge technology and the experience accumulated by UCB, aiming to contribute to the decarbonization of urban centers.

UCB S.A. is a leader in several market segments. This year, it is about to reach the milestone of 100 million lithium batteries sold. This achievement highlights its growth and solidity, as well as its strategic vision and commitment.

UCB S.A. is committed to meeting the demand for sustainable and efficient solutions. It offers high-quality products and services, thus contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future, considering the needs of the planet and future generations.

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