Confrapar is a Brazilian fund manager focused on technology companies. It invests up to R$40M per company and relies on the background and expertise of its more than 100 Operating Partners in technology, media, education, health care and financial services.

With a portfolio of 10 invested companies, Confrapar has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

This website`s purpose is to publish institutional information about Confrapar. It should not be considered as a means for advertising the sale of shares in the inventment fund, portfolio or any other title or estate value. It does not correspond to the fixed prospectus, in accordance with the instructions put forth in CVM 409.

Investment funds do not provide any guarantees from the fund`s administrator, from any other mechanism of safety, or even from the Credit Guarantee Fund - FGC. The funds currently managed or that will be managed by Confrapar are privately distributed and based on the Normative Instruction of CVM 209. The profitability of the fund can not be guaranteed and past results can not be used as a means of guaranteeing future profitability. It is recommended that investors carefully read the fund`s regulations before investing.